Frontend Engineer

Crafting features, designing a component library, and broadening global reach.

SaleCycle logo


SaleCycle is a digital marketing solution that focuses on recovering abandoned shopping carts for online retailers. By tracking real-time user behavior, SaleCycle identifies when users abandon their shopping process and engages them with personalised remarketing campaigns. Additionally, the platform offers analytics to help businesses understand customer behavior and optimise their online shopping experience.


At SaleCycle, alongside delivering impactful new features, I played a significant role in refining our primary frontend application. In collaboration with a seasoned team of engineers, I utilised React.js, TypeScript, and AWS to uphold our software’s high-quality standards. My efforts also extended to the enhancement of our in-house component library and the introduction of an internationalisation solution, broadening our software’s appeal for a diverse global audience. As we navigated the challenges of legacy systems, my expertise deepened. To bolster our application’s reliability, I introduced robust testing methods like Cypress E2E, ensuring consistency across all our software offerings.