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Clicksco holds a special place in my professional journey. Here, I learned about the world of AdTech and honed my skills in crafting scalable applications.

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Clicksco is a digital marketing firm specializing in data-driven strategies. Using big data and analytics, they offer personalized marketing solutions to boost user engagement and advertiser ROI. With expertise across various digital channels, they assist businesses in optimizing their online advertising efforts.


At Clicksco, I was immersed into the world of AdTech. I had the unique opportunity to work on a range of applications, employing technologies like React.js, Laravel, and Vue. This further enhanced my versatility in the realm of software development.

One of the highlights was my collaboration with a global team in the creation of a lead generation platform. In this project, I delivered numerous frontend solutions for an expansive Laravel application, ensuring it scaled effectively. What made these contributions particularly rewarding was the tangible and measurable impact they had on our business, which served as a testament to my professional contributions.

I was also at the forefront of introducing a split-testing process during the landing page development phase. This strategic move was instrumental in achieving higher conversion rates and augmenting user satisfaction. To further solidify our software’s reliability, I implemented the Cypress testing suite into a React.js application, substantially minimizing bugs during live deployments.

Additionally, my work on executing several feature deliveries for a React.js application played a pivotal role in elevating the user experience and enriching its overall functionality.

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